Which is better, attending a workshop or going to weekly sessions with an Imago coach/therapist?

Though each provides a different experience, we generally recommend attending a workshop as soon as possible because it provides an overview and some practice of all the Imago ideas and skills.  If you are not sure that this is the right approach for you, then please speak to one of us about this.  It is our experience that the workshop can save you time and money in the office, and give you a solid foundation for your individual couples work. The workshop experience has been demonstrated to achieve results comparable to 3-6months of weekly therapy. As such, it is extremely cost efficient. It provides a solid psycho-educational foundation to the personalised work that you and your partner then have an opportunity to integrate within relationship therapy. We also find that a shift can occur within the framework of the workshop that is very difficult to achieve in individual couples work, which can mean that the work with an individual coach is then a lot more efficient and effective.

However, we also recommend that if a workshop is not scheduled soon or you are unable to make the next time, you begin ongoing sessions. Also, some couples want to try out a few sessions before committing to the workshop, and that’s fine. We would be happy to discuss your particular situation with you individually to ensure optimum use of your time and resources.