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“I just want to thank you for putting this course together. I was hoping there was someone out there who could help me communicate better, I’ve found the missing link with the Imago Dialogue way of communicating. I needed to learn a new way of speaking to get my message across and my husband needed to learn the Dialogue and listen to me, fully understanding what I wanted from him.
The thing that I discovered about the course, it’s not about, “You did this, You did that” The Imago Dialogue is a brand new way of talking in a positive way.
So yes Peter, you and your great team have saved my marriage of 39 years. I truly thank you for that! We both appreciate it so very much and it’s never too late.”
Doreen de Haan, Otorohanga

“A must do for all couples regardless of age or length of relationship. Worth every penny.”
Melissa Neve & Henry Cieslak, Sydney

“The best workshop I have ever attended in my life.  I recommend this to every couple, even if they have a happy marriage. I would love to gift this to my friends”
Trish Williamson, Auckland

“As a husband of 24 years and a Minister working frequently with relationship issues, this workshop was far more helpful than any other I have ever attended, in its theoretical base, the teaching approach and the down to earth, compassion of its presenters.”
Nick Frater, Auckland

“I know of no better opportunity available in New Zealand for those who wish to deepen and strengthen their relationship”.
Suzanne Innes-Kent, Relationship Consultant, Author and Broadcaster, Wellington

“This weekend gave us a new perspective on our relationship and a new-found tenderness and appreciation for each other. Brenda and Peter make a terrific team: passionate with great energy and understanding.”
Linda McManus and Bruce Mitchell, Auckland

“A wonderfully powerful way to nurture our relationship back to the hope we had in the beginning. One of the most wonderful experiences of my life!”
Katy Edmonds and Don Hamblyn, Dargaville

“A great workshop. I wish we had done it years ago.”
Rob Rushton, Christchurch

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