Ten Top Imago Relationship Tips

(from Imago Relationships International Connections Newsletter February 2009) Add romance to your relationship year round with little surprises. You don’t need to wait to do something special once a year on Valentine’s Day! Surprise your partner on a Monday night in March with a candlelit dinner. Try adding little surprises gradually and don’t worry about [...]

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The Heart of Dialogue – a keynote presentation by Brenda Rawlings at the New Zealand Association of Counsellors Conference 2011

NZAC Conference Address 2011 by Brenda Rawlings Dialogue as a construct provides an opportunity to have new and different conversations; indeed is an integral part of a shift into a new paradigm where relationality, rather than individual autonomy, takes centrestage. For those of you who don‟t know me, I am Brenda Rawlings. Peter McMillan and [...]

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Valentine’s Day Matters an opportunity to appreciate your partner By Brenda Rawlings

Valentine’s Day - the day where hearts, flowers, red roses, cards, loving words and novelty chocolates intermingle with expectation, excitement, hope and romance. From school children to couples of inestimable age and longevity, there is the excitement of a declaration of love. St Valentine, allegedly, sitting in prison awaiting his death at the hands of [...]

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