My relationship is falling apart and I don’t even know if I want to stay together. Why would I attend the workshop? Isn’t it only for couples who want to improve their relationship?

Isn’t it only for couples who want to improve their relationship? The workshop has a good track record of helping couples experience their partners and their relationships more positively.  Many couples find hope for the future because they have experienced relating in a new, safer way during the weekend.  If you are currently in a committed relationship, even if it is very shaky, we do recommend that you come to the workshop.  The least that you can expect as a result of the workshop is clarity about what you and your partner should do.  Many couples find new hope and optimism as a result of what they learn at the workshop.  Occasionally they discover that there has been too much pain and they decide to end the relationship.  Even if that is your decision, Imago therapy provides a framework in which you can respectfully say good-bye.  This is especially important if you have children that you will be co-parenting.

It will also give you essential information about yourself to take into your next relationship, enabling understanding of how you co-created the current relationship, so that you can take that understanding with you rather than continue to create similarly painful experiences.  But for the most part, the majority of couples leave the workshop with new energy, tools and hope for the future.  Many couples who have been separated attend the workshop and find their way back into relationship.