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Quotes about training with Brenda Rawlings

Brenda Rawlings is an outstanding trainer: intelligent, highly skilled, witty, super kind and always supportive. If you are looking for the BEST couples training in NZ, go with Benda.  Stefanie Bullock, MNZAC, Auckland 

I experience Brenda Rawlings as an exceptional teacher, healer and woman. She is one of the cornerstones of how I work. Her presence seems to just sit at the back of my consciousness when I work with my clients. Often, when I’m with a person, I think of how Brenda would handle the situation, what she would do and it helps so much. There are a few people in my life who have been my teachers. I’ve had many instructors but only a handful of teachers. For me a teacher is more than a person who imparts techniques or knowledge. A teacher is someone you model, someone you aspire to be like, someone you feel respected and safe with and, yes, someone who passes down skills, knowledge and wisdom. Brenda Rawlings has been one of my teachers.  Geoff Lyons PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Sydney

Brenda Rawlings is a home grown NZ Aotearoa trainer who is simply world class. I particularly appreciate Brenda’s ability to gently and respectfully build the people she trains; helping each person to expand, deepen and thrive as practitioners.  I highly recommend this training program for all caring health professionals. It will change your life!  Natasha Fowler, MNZAC, Timaru

Brenda Rawlings is an exceptional trainer with knowledge and experience spanning years, yet she combines her specialist knowledge with great warmth and humour.  I completed Imago Relationship Therapy Training with Brenda and it is one of the best trainings I have ever done.  It has deepened and enriched my work, providing me with a comprehensive theoretical understanding around relationship dynamics.  I highly recommend this training.  Lynley Le Pine-Roulston, MNZAC, Palmerston North

I trained in Imago Relationship Therapy with Brenda Rawlings in 2009.  Little did I realise at that time just how important and relevant Imago theory and understandings would be in my practice. Every client is in a relationship of some kind and the Imago principles and the practice of Dialogue have been invaluable in my work with individuals and couples.  Brenda is a warm and very knowledgeable trainer who holds the trainings in a personal and professional manner which amplifies learning. I highly recommend Imago Relationship Therapy Training to all therapists.   Anne O’Kane, Registered Psychotherapist, MNZAP, Auckland

I trained in Imago Relationship Therapy with Brenda Rawlings and Peter McMillan in 2012 and it has transformed my work with couples. The depth of understanding and relationship insights around attuned connection and barriers to this has had a positive effect on both my personal and professional life. Brenda and Peter are both highly skilled tutors and mentors who model, as well as teach, in wisdom and humility, creating a very safe community of learning. I’ve enjoyed upskilling and being supervised by Brenda over many years.  Her insights and ability to identify and connect relational dots in conflict and connection is beautiful to see and encounter.   Kaye McGregor, MNZCCA, Auckland

Brenda is an enormously skilful teacher. She embodies empathy; she has a warmth and wisdom that encourages both students and clients alike to go deeper into what really matters in the moment. Brenda’s skill enables her to draw on her theoretical understandings in real time to connect with the couple in the way that will be most useful for them in finding new ways to understand themselves and one another.  She is brave as well as kind and she models that for her students, encouraging them to develop their own capacities in ways they might have only guessed were possible.   Marianne Quinn, Clinical Psychologist, MNZAP, Dunedin

Brenda is a clear and inspiring teacher with vast clinical experience to draw on.  My experience as a trainee was that she was warm, compassionate, sensitive and empathetic. She leads skilful, evocative role plays to help our understanding of the clinical experience. She has the rare quality of unpretentiousness and little ego. I never felt talked down to, but rather respected and that she was very interested in my opinions. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.  Gaël Rowntree, Registered Psychotherapist, Retired, Auckland

As a psychotherapist who has been in practice for 38 years (including 25 years in NYC), the past 13 years of my learning from Brenda has enhanced my clinical skills immeasurably.  Brenda’s understanding of interpersonal dynamics and her grasp of the Imago system, her combined with her warm, sensitive, supportive, and evocative teaching style, prompts me to continue to engage with her for supervision and to study with her whenever the opportunity arises.  While most of my clinical work is with individuals, the relational concepts of Imago sit within me in the office when I’m with those individual clients, inviting them to explore the relational dynamics in their lives.  You will consider yourself lucky to learn from Brenda.   Sharon Cogan-Beck, Registered Psychotherapist, MNZAP, Auckland