Will this  workshop save my relationship?

We can’t say that the workshop will save your relationship.  However, many if not most couples do experience significant changes which result in better communication and a more fulfilling relationship.  When conflict is long standing couples frequently need to have follow-on counselling in order to integrate the work from the workshop, and to receive further [...]


I don’t/My partner doesn’t think any of our problems relate back to childhood. We understand this is a core part of Imago therapy. Can we still benefit from the workshop?

Yes you can still benefit.   The connections between our current frustrations and conflict, and our childhood experience, is not clear to many people.  Imago theory does suggest that we unconsciously connect the two.  However, this is simply a theory or idea which assists in making sense of the current situation, and Imago processes will [...]


My relationship is falling apart and I don’t even know if I want to stay together. Why would I attend the workshop? Isn’t it only for couples who want to improve their relationship?

Isn’t it only for couples who want to improve their relationship? The workshop has a good track record of helping couples experience their partners and their relationships more positively.  Many couples find hope for the future because they have experienced relating in a new, safer way during the weekend.  If you are currently in a [...]